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Articles & Interviews

Learn more about all things disability-related, including types of disabilities, stories of disabled creatives, and ways to support disabled individuals.

Kalonopia Collective

A literary collective featuring poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, and plays by or for visually impaired writers of all ages. We aim to examine the power of eye-to-eye connection and the multi-dimensional human experience through the power of words.

Monthly Exhibitions

Learn about how disabled people, both past and present, are changing the world.


Join I-CREATE YOUTH instructors and mentors for monthly workshops on creative topics ranging from poetry and disability justice for beginners to web design and the applications of science in the real world. 

Letters for Disabled Students

Any length, any topic. Just words of encouragement! Everyone will be credited as a contributor, unless anonymous.

Letter Exchange Program

An electronic e-mail exchange program pairing youth aged 13-22 with students who may or may not be visually impaired or blind.
Students receive a life-long friend, a change to express themselves, learn about new perspectives, and earn service hours.

The ICY Scoop

The Icy Scoop is a quarterly newsletter featuring creative writing resources and inspiration. While this is tailored to visually impaired students, all writers are welcome to read.

Collaborative Collective

Join our Collaborative Collective Slack (Link in bio!) to interact with like-minded organizations in a friendly and inclusive community.  Gain exclusive partnerships, collaborations, takeovers with fellow nonprofit organizations. We will also feature all organizations on our website as a Collaborative Collective partner with I-CREATE YOUTH.

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