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A collection of magazine and presses, individual written pieces, and writers centered on disability 

Magazines & Presses

Magazies & Presses

that welcome visually impaired and disabled writers

Wheat Field

Breath & Shadow is a quarterly journal of disability culture and literature. A project of Ability Maine, Breath & Shadow was the first online literary journal with a focus on disability. It is also unique in being the sole cross-disability literature and culture magazine written and edited entirely by people with disabilities.

Sunset over the Mountains

Autonomous Press is an independent, worker-owned publishing house specializing in books that expand minds and challenge cultural norms. We publish both fiction and nonfiction in all genres, and we love innovative works that defy traditional genre boundaries.


Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature is a digital, Open Access, quarterly journal of disability poetry, literature, and the arts. They are dedicated to providing an accessible venue for featuring the work of emerging and well-known writers with disabilities.

Clover Leaves

Cripple Magazine is an online and print magazine that is curated and run by young disabled creatives. Whether that be by art, poetry, or truthful op-eds about the ableist world, Cripple was created in order to give a platform to young people with disabilities who have something to say.


Blanket Sea is an arts & literary magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of artists and writers living with chronic illness, mental illness, and disability. They are inclusive of creators from all backgrounds, orientations, identities, and ethnicities.

Dog Running in Water

SICK is committed to elevating the voices of sick & disabled people by publishing essays, features, poetry, visual art, interviews, and more. Their aim is to increase representation of sick & disabled people in publishing and the arts, and to challenge the harmful stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding disability.

Pink Flower

Homology Lit is a Pacific Northwest-based online literary magazine for people of color, queer folks, and people with disabilities.

Bare Rock

Monstering is a magazine, written by and for disabled women and nonbinary people. They believe in this: monster stories. Which is to say they believe in monsters, which is to say they believe in their socio-cultural manifestation: women and nonbinary people with disabilities.

Monkey Bathing

TRANSITION is a magazine which publishes two kinds of works: those directly about mental health issues; and those about the individual’s personal experience of those same issues. Both kinds of works celebrate lives in transit – lives of change, growth, and transformation.



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Disabled Writers

Abstract in BW

The Cyborg Jillian Weise

Light Emitting Diodes

Jim Ferris

Abstract Paper Cutouts

Bill Peace

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